Hello World…

Welcome to a space where the random thoughts, happy, unhappy, confused, and well-directed, of an ordinary mind can be dispersed to the digital world. I suspect this blog will surprise me more than anybody else! Well, I hope so anyway…

So who am I? Muslim American female, student of life and computer science, who loves to sew, read, learn new and applicable things about cultures/people and world issues. Yes, Muslims/Islam are in the midst of the current world issues. If I may offer my gentle opinion, it is not Islam that needs reforming, but Muslims themselves. Yes, myself included inshallah. 🙂 As the Qur’an says, Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition. Surah Ar-Ra’d, Ayah 11

I also tend to be finnicky about grammar, so don’t be too alarmed to find commas floating all over the place.

Voila, another blog is born! Smile!!!


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2 Responses to Hello World…

  1. That’s so coool!! You are also a computer science person!! I am so glad you decided to make this blog!! Yaay.. more of us out there.. we should make a web ring or something? what do you think???

  2. White Silk says:

    I think that sounds awesome 🙂 Your enthusiasm is highly infectious!–>

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