Those Fine Arab…Heroes? Terrorists?

So Brian Whitaker had an article about those fine desert Arabs and I am reading this thinking, who is more obsessed here: Arabs/Muslims with the West, or the West with the Arabs? I can’t sort out this Orientalist quandry. Self-loving white folk! I love you guys, and I know you love the East, but really, stop with the exotification of the East. We are as normal and ordinary (in our own extraordinary way) as you. Those who live in the desert, I doubt their lives are as appealing as the novels make them out to be. And make up your minds already: are they terrorists or are they the heroes of your dreams? And if they are really savages, living like so, how on earth can this lifestyle be appealing to the civilized white woman? I am confused by the confusion of these authors of romance novels. Any insight would be appreciated.


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