Hey, wait a minute…

So the situation with the migrant workers in the Middle East continues to make news. I neglected to think of the other side of the coin–what kind of situation in the home countries of these workers are they fleeing? India and Pakistan themselves have rather horrendous working conditions. If these countries would take the initiative to join the rest of the modern world in upgrading the status of their own laborers, these people would not be compelled to go abroad in the hope that the “grass will be greener.” (I am aware the Middle East is not plentiful in grass, but you get my point?) While many of these laborers certainly must be aware of the terrible working conditions abroad, it is natural for the human psyche to believe nothing can be worse than my current situation, and that misfortune will not befall me. Human beings are hopeful creatures.

Since India and Pakistan can see their way around to joining the modern world in the nuclear race, then they are certainly capable of doing something to protect their working populations in a more constructive way.


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