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Wow, I turn off the news for a few days, and I miss all the good stuff! So, apparently, the Capitol Hill PD are considering an arrest warrent for a member of Congress: Rep Cynthia McKinney was rushing for a House vote, stepped around a metal detector (that’s not the violation) and allegedly poked a police officer in the chest with her cell phone (that’s the problem). Now, apparently the Capitol Hill PD routinely does not recognize the female African American members of Congress, resulting in accusations of racial profiling being levied at the Capitol Hill police…and Cynthia McKinney might be charged with obstructing a police officer. How bizarre! How can they not recognize members of Congress? And now Congressman Tom Delay, who one would think has enough problems of his own, is calling McKinney a racist…but this here, from a Daily Show skit, is the best quote ever:

“Jon, it is about accountability. I think it is time for both McKinney and DeLay to look the American people in the eye and say, ‘Why do you keep electing idiots like us?”

Exactly, why?!


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