is such a beautiful day! This past week, we had some glorious rain (I really loved it!) which seems to have just cleaned everything out. It was a nice, gentle, and relentless rain, which helped me sleep so good! Now, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, with nary a cloud in sight, and temperature is a lovely 72 F…could I ask for more? Well, I am writing a paper for school, so I could ask for more: Be gone with ye, I say (talking to my paper, not my lovely readers 🙂 )

I love to collect words that resonate with me, so I came across this Rumi excerpt which I need for inspiration:

If you want great wealth,
and that which lasts forever,
Wake up!
If you want to shine
with the love of the Beloved,
Wake up!
You’ve slept a hundred nights,
And what has it brought you?
For yourself, for your God,
Wake up! Wake up!
Sleep no more.

My problem is that I really do love to sleep :(. Must try to get over that! Do more, sleep less…easier said than done!


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