But its just self-irony!

Apparently, someone with too much time and creativity on their hands has decided to create a cartoon series about working in the Vatican. Remember all those people saying that Muslims have to be able to laugh at their own religion, that this would be the mark of a progressed, confident people? Surely, the Catholic Church will be called upon to be progressive, and self-confident, and should be urged to be able to take a joke? So, now the shoe is on the other foot, but the same previously open-minded Europeans find this offensive. Well, actually, I wish them luck, because I don’t believe in mocking any religion, my own or others. Mockery is interesting, within limits–but to insult, even indirectly, the values and institutions that people feel a deep attachment for is completely unnecessary and downright cruel.


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  1. AhueBrazil says:

    HoW aRe yOu White Silk? 😀

    Thakx for visiting my blog! LOL

    I think that he is for minimizing the impact on cartoons against Muslen. Creating certain balance between the two sides… I agree to you, is important the religion catholic to have attention its religious values. Because certainly it will lose…very fast.

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