HiHo, HiHo, to the post office we go

Ok, you know what, I need to go out more–that is the only way interesting things happen to me. (Duh!) Today, I went to the post office with my sister. How exciting huh? We actually had to take a number coz there were sooo many people there, and we were maybe number 15 in line. How completely boring, and there were only two clerks serving. How completely annoying eh, as we needed to get back home quickly.

Anyhow, my sis and I are standing there, minding our own business, like the bored stumps that we are. Well, God must have smiled on us today, coz our wait suddenly became totally fun and interesting. See, my sister and I veil completely, head to toe, no skin showing–we don’t like the sun 😉. So, this man is on his way out of the post office, his work there is done, and he sees us. Anyhoo, this guy decides that his work actually is not done, and stops next to my sis, and stares at her for like 10 seconds, and then asks, “Why are you wearing that?” At first, if I had to put an ethnicity to him, I would have guessed Iranian, but apparently not, coz I don’t think an Iranian would be shocked to see girls covered up.

My sister is a lil young (meaning inexperienced), and instead of ignoring him, she tells the guy “Its a free country, isn’t it? Can’t I wear what I like?” and proceeds to give him a lecture on democracy and freedom, etc. The poor man. I don’t think he even expected us to speak English lol. And you know, it was quite entertaining…as it was, everyone was trying their best to not stare at us. But when my sister started talking, everyone, I swear, everyone (maybe 20 people) turned around to look at us. And her voice was so crystal clear, with that perfect spoiled little American girl accent ringing out in that lobby. Poor man. Poor sis. Poor me. loool Then the guy would not leave us alone, since he did not understand half of what my sister told him, coz English was obviously not his first language, and he wanted her to repeat all that! My sister stared at him for a moment, turned to me, and said, “Is he serious? I don’t even remember what I just said! How can I repeat it all?” So we just ignored him, and eventually he went away, and left us alone to wonder if we did anything wrong by lecturing him like that. NOT!

On a side note, does anyone go up to the chubby girls in tube tops and low-waist tight jeans and ask them “Why do you wear that, when you don’t have the figure for it?” Does anyone harass the girls with the weird streaks in their hair? Does anyone ask the ladies wearing their lovely Chanel suits why they wear that? Does anyone interrogate the punk with 5-inch spiked green hair? Or does everyone just rightly assume that they are wearing what they want to wear, what they like to wear, what is cool to them? I mean, really, lets have some equal opportunity dress-code harassment! Why do we have to be the only ones to answer random people’s questions? Ok, ok, I’ve bored you all enough, I’ll go away now 🙂 *who all*

P.S.: I am not bitter, I swear, and it did make my week wayyyy more interesting. What more could I ask for? lol

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