Odd, and Oddly True

Is there anyone out there who loves to sleep as much as I do? Apparently so, coz a whole bunch of people have come up with ideas as to what is the best direction for one to sleep in. I was listening to a program on a station we have here called The Aware Show (live on the internet at KPFK), and the guest a couple of weeks ago was saying how sleeping with your head pointing North is a lot like sleeping on your head–uncomfortable to say the least! According to the guest (whose name I unfortunately forgot), the best is to sleep with your head pointing South. I decided to give this theory a shot, since I have this problem where I wake up from my sleep, look around me to see if anybody climbed in my window, sigh in relief, and repeat ten times, and my head happens to face the N direction when I sleep. Soooo, I figured, well, nothing to loose in testing out this idea; at the very least, my bedroom will feel “new and improved” by me turning the whole room upside down (I’m a woman, so moving furniture is what I call fun!), and thus changed my bed so I can sleep with my head facing south.

The result? I am happy to report I get the best sleep ever!!! I keep thinking its just a coincidence, because the skeptic in me says this is too weird to be true, but so far, I wake up in the morning after a totally uninterrupted night! Pure bliss, I tell you.


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2 Responses to Odd, and Oddly True

  1. I always change my room..but thenI found a perfect spot for my bed and table.. the thing is I had the same problems as you with sleeping..I don’t know which way my bed is facing now. I think it is like east though.. south east maybe.. not totally east! Wow… so it does work.. cuz since then I never had any problems sleeping at all! amazing wallah!!

  2. White Silk says:

    If I am not mistaken, that same expert said the second best (well, depending on the person) direction for relaxing is either east or south-east. Cool! 🙂

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