I disappeared…but now I Am Back!

What a crazy week! Had an exam on Tuesday, project presentation Thursday, hardly any sleep all week…I am too old for this! And I chose Wednesday of all days to start exercising again–well, my parents bribed me with visions of the beach. They said, “if you come with us (coz they like to go to the park for a loonnnggg walk), then next week, we will go to the beach.” I love jogging on the sand, because running on concrete makes my shins hurt like crazy, so anytime they promise the beach, I am in! Well, we went to this park that is close by, but they were watering the lawns, and this park has the nasty idea of watering with reclaimed water. I know this water is supposed to be purified so no impurities are left in it, but our minds cannot handle the idea of getting sprayed with reclaimed water! To us, its good as dirty water. So we left the park, and my dad headed for the beach, so I did not have to wait a whole week! Seriously, the last time I went to the beach was like a year ago, which is ridiculous, because it is only 20 minutes away from where we live.

Ohhh, anyhow, my body aches from the lack of sleep this week, and also from the sudden plunge back into exercise…I will be back when I have recovered! Next time, I will look for the pics of my beloved beach to upload here lol…Au revoir!


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2 Responses to I disappeared…but now I Am Back!

  1. AhueBrazil says:

    Cool! 😀 I wait for this pics DigNiqabi! The beach makes well for the soul. I adore the sea!!! Always when I can, I go the to beach. 🙂

  2. DigiN says:

    I can't find my CD with my pics! 😦 waaaaaaaaa

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