I am In Stitches…

Now that school is winding down, I finally have time to do stuff besides stare at my textbooks and journals. Time for exercise, reading, visiting places :shock:, and last but certainly not least! sewing!!! I started making this gorgeous coat that was designed by Issey Miyake for Vogue a while back; I am using this uber-lightweight satin fabric, and when I finish it, I will post the actual picture. For now, here is a picture from the pattern:

Issey Miyaki for Vogue 1836

Now, I am going to go back to this coat…its time to do the pocket 😯 (shock because its the welt-style pocket, where you get to slash thru the fabric with this wicked pair of scissors…and if you make a mistake, its over, throw the thing away and cry 😥 ) wicked fun, eh?


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