Me: One, Weeds: None

The weeds lose. I win. 😛 As they say, another one bites the dust. Laugh, you know want to!

Ooooh, so today, I was feeling positively triumphant, having won this battle (and yes, I did doubt it would come to such a quick happy ending). And being on a positive and triumphant high, I decided to try my hand at propogating some of the trees we were pruning. There were all these beautiful cuttings fallen from the guava and sapote trees, and I was feeling so bad about hacking the trees, I decided the cuttings could not just simply be turned into mulch. No, I want them to grow into fine, upright trees and live fulfilling lives of their own. So, I rescued some of the newer softwood cuttings, dipped them into rooting hormone, and stuck them into pots of garden soil, then covered them up with plastic bags, like the books say, in order to create a moist living environment for the newly (and rudely) hacked stems.

Now, I hope they take root. Oh yes, and when I say I “took some” cuttings, I mean 10 guava cuttings, and 5 sapote ones. If even 1 of them takes root, I will be in complete shock and awe!


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