Conversion Conversation

Here’s how the convo went:Her: You don’t have to dress like that…Jesus died for our sins, making things so easy for us…I feel so bad that you must cover up your beauty like this.

Us: Don’t feel bad for us, we love having our privacy like this, and showing ourselves only to people who mean something to us. And nobody died for anyone’s sins, we are each responsible for our own deeds.

Her: God was so merciful to us, he had his own son killed for us!

Us: Yes, God is infinitely merciful…but He does/did not have a son; are you a mother?

Her: Yes
Us: Would you kill a child of yours to save the life of another child?

Her: No…but that is how God works! That is how you see how miraculous God is, and how much He loves us. Have you seen your Allah manifested in your life? I have seen Jesus answer my prayers: my dad, husband and myself were all healed through him…how have you seen Allah manifested?

Us: We see Him manifested in the universe everyday, and in everyway! We really don’t think that we are at the level of purity where we can literally see Allah’s hand instantaneously solving our problems for us…we are simply not worthy of it, as of yet, maybe someday Inshallah it will happen

Her: But, every human is already worthy! Tell me what are the things you have to do before you become worthy?
Us: Be a good person, obey our Creator as fully as possible, and never harm His creation. Those are the foundations for us.

Her: Even if you were like Mother Theresa, with one set of clothing, went to serve the needy and destitute, it is said in the Bible that all your good deeds are like rags, and it is God’s grace alone that gets you into Heaven!
Us: Yes we believe this too, as far as entrance into Heaven: neither our deeds will be good enough, nor will anyone else, i.e. Jesus, have paid the price for our admission therein!

Her: I am sure you are intelligent girls and must have investigated and read the Bible? I have a copy of the Koran, and I read it…have you read the Bible?
Us: No, we have not…our faith is fulfilling to us; we have no unanswered questions, where we need to look for answers elsewhere.

Her: But as intelligent people, how can you accept that the Koran tells you to kill Christians and Jews? I read it in there!
Us: You could not have read that in the Qur’an, because it does not say that.

Her: I read it…it was in the Hadith!
Us: The Hadith and the Qur’an are two separate documents…

Her: Yes, I know the Hadith are the words of the person Mohammad who you worship…
Us: We worship Allah! We revere, but not worship! Muhammad SAW! There is a big difference!

Her: Well, anyhow, how can you believe in something that tells you to go and kill?
Us: We don’t believe in any such thing! Our religion tells us to defend ourselves, with many guidelines to be followed, and only when we have a Muslim head of state, and this condition is obviously lacking! There is no single caliphate, thus the idea of self-defense as a Muslim people cannot be done.

Her: One day, if anything ever happens in your life, and you call your Allah for help, and he does not answer, I want you to please just call on Jesus…he will answer your call, and then you will see. I saw a program the other day about a Muslim man who converted to Christianity…he said, literally it was like the veil fell from his eyes *she laughs and points at our veils hehe very funny…not* so there is hope for you, I believe that!
Us: I find it very sad that a man who had the true faith did not recognize it as such and chose to be led to a different path, but that is his problem, not mine…I will pray daily for that to not happen to me, or anyone I know and love. If this person found peace in some other faith, good for him…I am happy to call on Allah, and if He does not answer me today, or tomorrow, or the next day, its because in His infinite wisdom, he knows why I have to patiently await a solution.

Her: But with Jesus in your heart, you don’t have to wait…you don’t have to think you must earn his love, his mercy, his grace
Us: Is not the idea of earning our keep integral to our lives? We earn our positions in our career, we earn the love of our spouses, we earn a certain credit limit…earning our way, proving ourselves is part of life, to make us more productive for ourselves and our families, communities, country…and God as well!

Her: But you can never do enough to earn the place in Heaven that we want…So do you believe then that all the rest of us are going to Hell?
In Islam, we are taught to not believe anyone else is going to Hell but ourselves. As far as you and I are concerned, you are certainly NOT going to Hell…but I cannot say the same for myself. It is my job to worry about my own place in the next life, and not pre-judge your place…I am to leave that determination to Allah to make. So, to answer your question, the response is no.

Her: So you don’t even know if being all covered up like that will get you Heaven! How senseless, when Jesus already made it easy for you–he died so you don’t have to do all that!
Us: We believe in Jesus’s existence, but he was not killed. He was raised, but not killed.

Her: Yes he was killed, and he was raised and is now living by…
Us: He is living, but he was killed?
Her: Yes
Us: So is he dead or is he alive?
Her: He is alive.
Us: So he was not killed!
Her: He was killed…maybe he was dead for like a second, I don’t know…

At this point, I had to end it…half an hour of ridiculousness. I mean, lady, thanks for trying to save me, but if you at least made sense and had your facts straight, it would not have been half as entertaining, I must say! I was like, “I can tell from your face, from your look, that you are clearly a person of faith, and your faith is fulfilling you and doing good things for you, so I am happy for you…and I am also happy with my faith, it is fulfilling me in the same way yours is for you…thank you…” Did she leave it at that? No. She had to end with:
Why do you have to wear black?

Us: We don’t have to, its just a phase we’re going thru…we wear other colors too.

Her: I really don’t like black. White would be better, color of purity. Black is so ugly. And you don’t get to wear fun cute clothes…how sad!

So I opened my ugly black coat (its actually quite haute 😛 ) and showed her my fun cute lavendar outfit underneath. She was like, so sad, you cover that up! Oyyyy, you really don’t get it, do you? We beautify ourselves for people we care about, and who care for us, and for ourselves; not for every Tom, Dick, and Harriette who have no business ogling our fine selves! Know what I mean?! 😀 Anyhow, khalas!!!


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