Shopping for a new faith?

No, I am not, alhamdulillah, quite satisfied with my deen…but somebody thought two women swathed head to toe in beautiful black are the perfect candidates for conversion! Went to the mall this weekend, and at the bookstore, my sister and I were stooped down low looking at the books on the bottom of the aisle. We stood up, with our books in hand, ready to start flipping the pages and browse, and there was this woman on the opposite side of this low rack. She was perfectly coiffed, beautifully professional makeup, modestly and nicely clothed, late thirties or so. She goes, “Oh my God! … Are you real? Are you really there? Are you for real?” She seemed a little panicked, so we rushed to reassure her that its ok, nothing to worry about, our eyes under our niqabs turned up in a smile (usually people CAN tell when we are smiling :P). Big mistake.Should have just pretended we did not know English, and ran like mad people in the opposite direction, coz…she proceeded to try to convert us! If you really want to know how the dialogue went, here it is. Enjoy, have fun, I certainly did!

You know what, thanks for being so concerned about my faith (or lack thereof, in your eyes), but how about you extend me the same courtesy I show you: mind your own business, do your own thing, and leave me to my faith…is that really too much to ask for? I don’t think it is. I mean, did I attempt to convert her? Would I think somebody wearing a huge cross around their necks is the prime candidate for conversion? I don’t think so. Anyhow, like my sister said, quit whining, coz thats the most fun we had in a long time, even though I really despise discussing religion with total strangers.

Oh yeah, after that half hour interaction, we dumped the books, and hustled out of there! It was some baking book or some such… 🙄


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