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Out of the garden

Our front and back yards are finally sorted out. Note to self: don’t let it get so out of control again! So long as we take a few hours a week to take care of these living things, its fun. … Continue reading

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A little pick-me-up :)

I was feeling out of sorts, so I went to to see if they have a quick motivational story…I found this article, and I am selecting the reminders from there that resonated with me for this moment in time: … Continue reading

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What is right, what is wrong?

Wabisa ibn M’abad narrated the following Hadeeth: “I came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, and he said, ‘You have come to ask about righteousness?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Consult your heart. Righteousness is that about … Continue reading

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The mercy of Allah

Abu Hurairah reported Allah’s Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, as saying, “If anyone extols Allah after every salah thirty-three times, and praises Allah thirty-three times, and declares His Greatness thirty-three times, ninety0nine times in all, and says to complete a … Continue reading

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Enjoy your niqab while you still can

Before it gets banned in a community near you…Many cities and/or countries in Europe are requiring women going to school or even just shopping to go about un-veiled. I understand the whole concept of when in Rome, do as the … Continue reading

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Another Good Neighbor

But this is not about my neighbor this time 😆 There is this man (incidentally happens to be white, relevance of this factoid to be determined) who moved into a neighborhood (incidentally happens to be majority Latin) and he sees … Continue reading

Greed vs. intellect

A true story… There was a doctor who was a very reknowned and highly skilled brain surgeon. Known for his brilliance and his ability to handle the most difficult of surgical cases, he would conduct seminars and demonstrate his skill … Continue reading

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Words are like feathers

A woman one day said something that hurt her best friend. She regretted it immediately, and would have done anything to have taken the words back. But they were said, impulsively, in a moment of thoughtlessness, and as close as … Continue reading

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Another day in the life of…

We have this neighbor who is a really nitpicky and cranky and weird and scary person. As an example of his nitpickiness, if we park our car on the street, in front of our house, but overlapping his side of … Continue reading

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And He Died!

Ash`ab was about to relate a story to a ruler, and he began: “There was a man…” But at that point he noticed a tray of food being brought to them. He paused as he was staring at the tasty … Continue reading

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