Wit and wisdom

Asma`i relates from his father that a prisoner was brought before `Abdul-Malik and as accused of having rebelled against the ruler. `Abdul-Malik said, “Strike his neck.” The prisoner said, “O Leader of the Believers, this should not be the reward that I receive from you. By Allah, I did not join the ranks of such andsuch person except because I cared about you and was looking out for your best interests. I am an unlucky man, and I have never fought side by side with a man,except that we were defeated. Throughout the years, I have been better for you
than 1000 people on your side who cared about you. I was with such and such person and we were defeated, and then I was with such and such person and wewere defeated…” He went on mentioning the people that were defeated by `Abdul-Malik. `Abdul-Malik laughed upon hearing this and freed the man.


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  1. hi DN.. howz it going.. sorry I have not been active lately.. not even in my blog.. but interesting articles you post!
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