Greed vs. intellect

A true story…
There was a doctor who was a very reknowned and highly skilled brain surgeon. Known for his brilliance and his ability to handle the most difficult of surgical cases, he would conduct seminars and demonstrate his skill in front of audiences in his operating room. There was one flaw however, which would prove to be his nemesis: he was magnetically attracted to money. In fact, he was known, in conjunction with his brilliance, for his unwillingness to perform operations on those unable to pay the fees he certainly deserved.

One day, a victim of a car accident came into the hospital in critical condition, and the doctor was called upon to perform surgery on this person. He said, “tell me who it is, who is the family, their name and I will of course do it if they are able to afford me.” The family name was not forthcoming for several days, and the other doctors in the hospital pleaded with this surgeon to just do the operation, as there was not much time left before the damage would be certainly irreversible. He refused. So the other doctors decided to go ahead and do the best that they could. When they went to see the patient, and uncovered his face, they found the victim to be the son of this prominent surgeon. The son died.

How tragic that greed can render the highest of intellect useless.


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