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But this is not about my neighbor this time 😆 There is this man (incidentally happens to be white, relevance of this factoid to be determined) who moved into a neighborhood (incidentally happens to be majority Latin) and he sees his property values plummetting. Ok, so imagine you are driving down a street in what you think is a typical neighborhood. You make an accidental left turn, and come upon a street where, lo and behold, there are dozens of cars parked on lawns, people selling refrigerators on the sidewalk along with corn on the cob, and ranchera music blasting out a welcome to you, oh lost one. You would more than likely flip out, thinking how did I end up in Cuba? Without a visa? Anyhow, I digress…

So, this man, Tim Rush, decides to do something about this little problem he is facing: he starts calling these people (his neighbors!) in on code infringements.

On the west side of South Broadway, Reyes and other residents are annoyed with Rush and his stream of complaints, which some view as racially motivated. Some see him as a meddler, an outsider who complains about people and customs he doesn’t understand. One neighbor wonders if he’s just lonely.

How about just talking to your neighbors? Rather than call the cops on people who are probably scared of law enforcement suddenly appearing on their doorstep?

Rush “has every right to go after anything that will make that a better street,” said Evangeline Gawronski, a community activist who lives three blocks from Rush. “He’s trying to make sure that people abide by the law so everyone can live comfortably.”

Sweet of him…when I drive down a typical Santa Ana street, I don’t even try to maneuver around the potholes, lest I avoid a pothole to merrily go crashing into a ditch. If Rush would call in the code infringements on those minor hazards, I would then be able to say, with a straight face, that he is working so hard “so everyone can live comfortably.” In all fairness, though, he is calling in things that are annoying: loud music at night, graffiti on house walls, barking dogs, and people selling cars from their home.

For someone who believes that “A man’s home is his castle,” Mr. Rush sure is not extending the same philosophy to others.

*Story in the LA Times. Online subscription is freeeeee…


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