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Women In Black

are holding weekly vigils to show their dissatisfaction with the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza. When: 9 pm every Wednesday Where: Sunset Blvd. and Crescent Heights, Los Angeles They can also be found at Women In Black

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Portugal v. France, anyone?

What an amazing, entertaining match that was! And such an awesome and inspiring bit of sportsmanship at the end, when the French player and his Portugese counter-part hugged and exchanged shirts. Awwwww…and I apparently had no jinxing effect on the … Continue reading

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Independence Day gift to the people

Ken Lay, former Enron chief, thief extraordinaire, tragically passed away of a heart attack while having a great time in Aspen with his family (he should have been rotting in prison, but see, its a free country!). Well, he did … Continue reading

Dad’s fault

that I caught a very mild case of World Cup fever. I was so sad that Brazil got beat. Then to add to my grief, Germany lost too!!! I think by watching it, I am jinxing the teams I like…coz … Continue reading

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