Time to entertain…

…guests over today. Men only, thank goodness, coz having these particular women would be quite a bit more interesting than we can handle right now 🙂 On the menu:

  • Skewered Kebabs — done
  • Pizza — good as done (bake)
  • Pasta — done
  • Biryani — good as done
  • Mint Cake — done
  • Cream Puffs — done (filling the cream is such fun!)
  • Tea — hello, we are not going to serve stale tea, ewwwww

House clean, ready for inspection. Showtime is 6 pm…we got time, yeah? Only the main dishes to be cooked 🙄

[updated: 4:30pm]


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2 Responses to Time to entertain…

  1. Ink-pot says:

    LOL! Are you serious?! You’re gonna cook THAT amount of food…for just a bunch of men? I’m not saying their not important enough but c’mon, how important could they be!

    I better come to that party too, eh. We only make like 2-3 dishes and one desert. You’ve got SUCH a variety. No wonder, you keep gettin guests!

  2. DigiN says:

    They are not important, they are fussy! 😛 Will tell you about them in a real post someday 😆 And its a range of ages, so the young ones are not so fond of the old-fashioned good ol’ biryani, and the old ones don’t appreciate the pizza/pasta business. What to do, what to do!

    And the dessert, well in case the cake flopped we have to have a back-up, hence the cream puffs. Turns out the cake was fine alhamdulillah, so we have 2 desserts. Oh well! 🙂 Come over and help us finish it, coz we made double recipes of both the cake and the cream puffs! 🙂 Now just waiting for them to arrive….So tired wallahi!

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