The power of words

How sad that one of the greatest men in his field was brought low by provoking words. When Zidane was red-carded for his physical retaliation to Marco Materazzi’s words (whatever they were), it was the clearest public example there can ever be as to how vital it is to not let anyone else provoke you. Zidane’s World Cup swan-song probably has turned into his greatest shame. I am so sad for him, as are his still-supportive fans.

But what a powerful lesson to us all, to not let psychological warfare get to you. The hardest thing in the world is not to defend oneself–its to control oneself.


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  1. Inkpot says:


    Very, very true @ “The hardest thing in the world is not to defend oneself–its to control oneself.”

    Only yesterday I was wondering that how awefully difficult it is to control one’s anger/temper. When someone’s ridiculing you like hell and you have to forgive him/her for that and still be kind…thats just SO hard. Various times in my life, I’ve felt like putting someone’s hair on fire (really that intense) over something that they did/said. And at that moment, forgiving them seems like the most useless and cowardly action! But then, on the other hand there are great rewards for this as well.

    I rank this just one point below quitting musin in my Difficulty Level, lol.

  2. DigiN says:

    Oh, yes, this working on controlling oneself is a never-ending struggle, wallahi! Ah, the music…I have managed to replace it with Qur’an–defo the best music in the world! 🙂 Good luck, sister, inshallah!

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