Zidane is the man!

The journalists casted their votes for the Golden Ball, and the winner was none other than Zidane. I was so sad after his ignominious ejection from the World Cup final, that I have been following the fall-out. Two articles that I have to comment on: Materazzi tells all and Zidane has no regrets.

In the first article, the following Freudian slip a la Materazzi emerges:

But I categorically did not call him a terrorist. I’m not cultured and I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is.

He said it himself, he is not cultured. To be fair, there is probably a language gap, and he did not intend to reveal so much about himself…but there you have it: he is an un-cultured, uncivilized little so-and-so! And how can he not know what a terrorist is? I mean, really, if that was terror he was feeling on the pitch, then he needs therapy! Or a dictionary. Or both. 😛

Then from the second article, he

acknowledged he insulted Zidane, without giving specifics […] Zidane “has always been my hero”, Materazzi said. “I admire him a lot.”

If he insults people he admires, whom he hails as his “hero,” God help those he holds in contempt! This is what he allegedly said, during that fateful match, according to this article:

Expert lip readers who have studied video of the incident presume Materazzi called Zidane “The son of a terrorist whore”, and then added: “So just f*** off.”

And from our lovely Zidane:

“My act is not forgivable,” Zidane said. “But they must also punish the true guilty party, and the guilty party is the one who provokes.”

Nothing more to add. Except that rather than everyone ranting and raving about Zidane ending his career in shame, we should be praising him for having his priorities straight: he put family honor before a possible win at the World Cup, and disallowed disgusting, trash-talking lack of respect to go unchecked. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!


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2 Responses to Zidane is the man!

  1. Inkpot says:


    I’ve been following that debate too. And I certainly agree with the title; Zidane is indeed the man! Insulting someone and using foul language has become the norm unfortunely. But in principle, we’re all aware that it’s wrong. There are no exceptions to this, nobody has the right to insult someone, be it in a playground or a football pitch. You’ll hear alot of people telling you that Zidane overreacted or that he should have ignored and just concentrate on winning. Some of these people have the nerve to actually be on Materrazi’s side. All I have to say is that there are certain limits and when someone crosses them, there can be no forgiveness. Or atleast some sort of punishment or reaction is bound to come. Materrazi should be reprimanded for HIS unculteredness!

  2. DigiN says:

    Ah, but to be an uncultured boor is a point of pride these days. Those with even a shred of dignity are usually mocked beyond compare. Oh, if this world would only be restored to normal…

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