Media on the Middle East

For a different look at the situation in the Middle East, please dedicate 80 minutes of your time to the following video: Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land. It really will be time well spent.


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2 Responses to Media on the Middle East

  1. sanna says:

    at first I thought 80 min. of my day…no time,no way.
    This last 80 min. was amazing, overwhelming and eye opening. I am left with the desire to do something. Here in my home I will meditate and pray on peace. I will send my open hearted love to all the people there, in that war torn land, and to the American government. However, it is the land, the Earth we must not forget, it too needs our thoughts and love, what pain and blood has been shed there.
    Thank you for creating this doco. I will send it on
    .80 min. no time really to change the planet.

  2. I wish I could say I had any kind of input in the creation of this documentary, but alas I did not. 🙂 Its something I merely found somehow online, and wanted to share…I am glad it made a difference!

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