So weird

I was looking at the Blog Stats that WordPress keeps track of, and one of the things recorded are the search terms used by people who came to this site. Some terms were the obvious, such as niqabi, Rumi, value five things before five hadith, and so on. Others were not so obvious, and I just want to say, what the heck, yo? Here are some that are just freaky-deaky, in my humble opinion:
islam and low self-esteem:

  • Thats a paradox. Islam does not generate low self-esteem. Circumstances that result in Muslims being dehumanized, however, does.

sexy niqabi:

  • This is the very reason we wear the niqab, because of the completely inappropriate thoughts that go through some psychos’ heads upon seeing a woman. It’s as if they can’t disassociate from their baser instincts even when it’s obvious a woman doesn’t want that kind of attention.

are muslim girls more sexy:

  • That’s for us to know and you to never find out!

and last but not least “no common interests” marriage:

  • I feel your pain, and I would not call it a marriage when the spouses have no common interests–that sounds more like torture!

And for those who are curious (nobody), I have no idea how small the audience of this blog is…if I look at that, I will get stage fright! 😛


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2 Responses to So weird

  1. hhhahahaha, really funny search keywords. I wonder why this lame audience never shows up to comment. And who in the right mind would search for ‘sexy niqabis’!? That’s stupid AND sick. Some of the people online are really weird. By the way, how does one check that? The track, I mean?

  2. “That’s stupid AND sick.” Emphatically agree! And hmmm I guess they don’t comment coz they are so disappointed to not find what they were looking for 😆

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