What do real men want?

This gave me a giggle…
Wanted: 32 y.o. handsome professional Hyderabadi boy from a respectable Sunni family is seeking a slim, fair, pretty modern girl with traditional values and Unites States citizenship.

  • Doesn’t this man sounds like he stepped out of GQ magazine? Hope he is not the silent, brooding type!
  • Any man with a professional degree (read: lawyer or doctor) has great cachet in our class-obsessed society, and rarely needs to advertise himself…unless he has exhausted all the options that his family has presented him with. Which would indicate that he is extremely picky!
  • A professional of 32 is hardly a boy–and if he really is, he has issues that marriage will only exacerbate!
  • Respectability speaks for itself; if you have to flaunt the fact, then you are suspect.
  • Hyderabadi = nawab (royalty)
  • If a “girl” is ready for marriage, she is no longer a girl, but a woman!
  • How is a “girl” supposed to be both modern and traditional? Talk about split personality! 😕
  • She must have legal US status…but his status goes unmentioned… hmmmmmmm! 🙄

Should I apply for the job? 😉 Oh wait, he is from Hyderabad–way out of my league! 😆

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3 Responses to What do real men want?

  1. HAHHAHAHA…hilarious!

    Gah, these advertisements for ‘suitable spouces’ make me sick. I’m thinking of posting the ones we get in our sunday newspaper. lol:)

  2. HBK says:

    rofl… tht was hilarious. poor “boy” :p lol not all hyderabadis r nawaabs *rolls eyes*

  3. HBK, yes they are! 😛 I kid, I kid!

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