Things that bug me

Looking at the news regarding the abject atrocities currently being perpetrated in the Middle East, I could not help but marvel:

  • Israel is assuring that humanitarian aid will get through to the Lebanese. Assurance from the aggressor. Wow. Is that irony or what?
  • An Israeli strike killed four UN soldiers, shelling them 14 times…and Kofi Annan was “shocked” and called for Israel to “investigate the incident.” What will he ever do? Pass another Security Council resolution for Israel to ignore?
  • The world makes no attempt to hide that the diplomatic rounds being made by the US are merely to give Israel more time to bomb the living hell out of civilian populations.
  • The leaders of the Arab/Muslim world are the most pathetic excuses for leaders that history has ever witnessed. They are completely shameless in turning the other cheek while their brethren are being slaughtered.
  • The Arab world continues to be shocked at the betrayal of the West. Why the shock? Doesn’t every nation put its own interests first? If my nation can put my interests* first, should they not put the interests of their people first? Is that not common sense?
  • The Arab world is actually waiting for the rest of the world to come and save them from Israel’s wrath. Hello! Get your heads out of your oil fields and get a bloody clue already! It ain’t happening, oil sheikhs!
  • And God helps those who help themselves–even those helping themselves to your land, coz they have one thing we lack: integrity in serving the needs of their populations!

*I do realize that it is the interests of American corporations that come first.


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