You’ve got mail!

I am sure we have all been recipients of the largesse of the Nigerians, be it old-school style over the telephone, or New Age style online. Either way, the spiel is the same: they will cut you in on a significant amount of cash that just happens to be lying around, if only you would provided your personal and financial details. Now here comes something the really old-fashioned way: by snail mail! It must be genuine, huh?

Some Spanish company/individual/what-have-you has sent my dad a letter informing him that their agent has played the lottery in Spain on his behalf, and lo and behold, my dad won! 🙄 He is now the lucky winner of $899, 000! Daddy just has to fill out a form with his bank account number, and then that lovely beach-front property we’ve been eyeing can be ours! Oh my God, no wayyy!!!

So a few questions:

  • How/Why can an agent play the lottery for an unknown foreign national? 😕
  • How come the agent did not require prior authorization to do this beautiful act of benevolence? 😯
  • Why did he/she not just play the lottery for himself?! 🙄
  • Why stop at $899,000; why not make it a cool million? 😉
  • Does my dad have S-T-U-P-I-D written on his forehead? (I don’t think so!) 👿

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  1. meshmesha says:

    Hehehe…That was priceless. 😆

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