It has been decided. We shall be going to the zoo tomorrow, inshaAllah. Of course being the skeptic that I am, I’m sitting here thinking this is too good to be true. The car will break down? The skies shall pour forth with rain (as opposed to pouring chocolate)? The parents will just change their mind? I’ll oversleep and they’ll leave without me? Just kidding…or am I? 😕 Seriously though, inshaAllah we will be going.

I’ve never been to this zoo. Or maybe I have. 😕 But when you go as a wee lil child, it doesn’t count, because you can’t remember anything. Heck, when you’re a baby, you’re just wondering why everybody is going gaga over a monkey instead of you! Anyways everybody keeps going on about how much fun it is, so I’m counting on it to be good. Wait until I come back all dissapointed…or over joyed. Yeah, right… 🙄 I’m still wondering what the hype is all about to see caged animals. Talk about enjoying the misery of others.

We’re not the type who goes out to such places and eats out, so we’ll be taking food with us. I mean, hello! We are kids spoiled rotten with our mum’s cooking! No restaurant or whatever comes close. 🙄 The only thing I’m looking forward to is the cotton candy, which after putting 3 lil fluffs in my mouth I’ll complain its too sweet and gulp down a liter of water.


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6 Responses to Zooooooooooo

  1. Well, the car is gone for all the necessary check-ups…lets see if it comes back with a clean bill of health. If not, there is always next week 😛 Ummm, you know what they say: one of these days is none of these days! Ouch…no no no, we will be going tomorrow inshallah. Chillax, when did you start getting so …negative… *ahem* I mean, realistic?

  2. meshmesha says:

    If not next week, then the following week…

    Oiii, don’t pretend you didn’t know I’m realistic! 😮

  3. so how was the zoo girls?

    I dont remember going to a zoo. but I have pictures of me in a zoo as a child. I wonder if its a fun experience as an adult?

    hope you girls had fun 🙂

  4. Glad you asked, miss_independent! Coz I was about to post about that, and I am happy there is at least one interested reader. 😉

  5. HBK says:

    “meshmesha” didnt post here after tht ? 😮 didnt they allow her to leave the zoo ? 😀

  6. Meshmesha already became “alzubra” when you read this, and has posted many times, so hmmmm 😕 Uh, we all left the zoo safe and sound, alhamdulillah.

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