Bad news

Monday, local news: FAA has equipment failure at LAX. Airplanes are unable to land for about 1.5 hours, as communication with traffic control is affected by this failure. Color-coded terror level: Yellow.

Wednesday, national news: 11 Egyptian students arriving in the States on student visas fail to report to the schools they are enrolled at. 3 of the 11 have so far been found: one changed his mind and decided to study at another university, and two were found in a restaurant in New Jersey. Color-coded terror level: still Yellow.

Thursday, international news: Heathrow airport security has uncovered a new terrorist plot involving liquid explosive devices allegedly being carried in hand luggage on airplanes heading from Britain to the United States. There are long delays at airports. Passengers must discard any and all liquids on hand: water, makeup, contact lens solutions…. Color-coded terror level: red in both UK and US.

Being of obviously foreign (read: Muslim/Middle Eastern) appearance, it may not be a good time to practice our freedom of stepping outside the house right now… 😯


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