Who dunnit?

“They are providing state-of-the-art military hardware to the Zionists. And they are throwing their full support behind Israel. We believe that this threatens the future of all peoples, including the American and European peoples. So we are asking why the American government is blindly supporting this murderous regime.”

Which world leader made this statement? Was it anyone from the Arab world? Or Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or the Far East? Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Watch Ahmadinejad in action. (They divided the video into 4 or 5 segments, so you have to click for each one–retarded. Someone needs to YouTube this as a single file…anyone??!) Or read the transcript. But watching it is definitely the better option. I found the interviewer, Mike Wallace, to be slightly combative. It was almost as though being faced with the enemy, he was going to do his best to slay the dragon once and for all. That strategy might work with someone of lesser stature, but not a significant world leader. There were times, many times, when it appeared the Iranian President was almost laughing at the interviewer. Not good, wouldn’t you say? At one point, Ahmadinejad’s aide hands him a piece of paper, and the interviewer asks what is written on the note…Ahmadinejad looks at him a couple of seconds, pulls his jacket together, and says, “They are telling me to fix my jacket.” Uh huh…right…sure. Well, that was an impertinent, useless question anyhow. Like the President of any nation is going to let you in on anything more than he thinks you should know, like his personal communications. But, I think for all pacifist-oriented people, the finest quote of the interviewe was:

“Basically we are not looking for — working for the bomb,” the president said. “The problem that President Bush has is in his mind he wants to solve everything with bombs. The time of the bomb is in the past. It’s behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges.” [emphasis added]


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