What is wrong…

…with Google? I can’t read my gmail, I can’t do any Googling…what the heck, yo? This has been going on for hours now. Hours, I tell you. I feel better now, having got that off my chest. Its 2 am, and I should sleeep now, rather than wait to read the spam that is surely awaiting me. 🙄


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3 Responses to What is wrong…

  1. 3aneeda says:

    this is how u know that the digital age is taking over your life!!! when the crisis of the day revolves around ur inability to check ur emails. LOL

    i admit im one and i LOVE it

  2. alzubra says:

    I can’t believe she admitted that to the world. What has overcome you darling digiN?! 😮 😛

    Google is not infallible! Wooohoooo! 😉

  3. 3aneeda:
    Look, its like this….hmmmm…well….ok, ok, I have no defense…fine, I am addicted. There, I copped to it! My life does revolve around technology…how pathetic…but hey, its my field! 🙄

    Alzub, I have one word for you: whatever! And I always think Google is infallible–that’s why I had to post about it, so as to mark the moment and remind myself that if those techno-geek-wizards could stumble, well, I can (and should!) make mistakes too. 😛

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