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After having spent a couple years on Islamic forums, I have learned a bit. I’m not talking about the Islamic knowledge I gained, but the interactions with other members, whether they were being fake or not. It is a means to gain attention for some, spam and hijack topics for the utterly bored who hate Muslims and while for others just a means to meet other Muslims who share the same ideals as themselves.

For those who sign up at these forums just to gain attention, they get up to all sorts of antics, some humorous, and others not quite so. They will post entertaining things in reply to somebody’s relatively serious thread, and ruin a perfectly good thread. While that is innocent “fun”, it shows a lack of respect to the topic starter. It causes emotions to heat up, and insults can be exchanged over something really petty. That said, attention seekers are not stupid. They are intelligent, and do make valid points when they are serious.

Then there are not so funny members, who spend their lives aimlessly looking for a place to bash Muslims. They introduce themselves stating they have joined to learn about Islam. Amazingly, 5 posts later you realize they found the political discussions in the forum, which by the way happens to be the most heated area in all forums! They go on and use the posts in the political discussions, which they had instigated, as evidence that Islam is a religion of nothing but evil.

The third type, while some also fit into the first category, the majority tend to be more mature. (No, no, I’m not praising myself! ;)) They think before clicking submit reply, and have a sense of direction in their posts. Sure, they do make jokes, but within limits so they strike the balance well. They are few and far in between, so you would have to be truly ungrateful not to appreciate their presence.

Naturally the first and second types of members recieve reactions which are negative. Most members perfectly demonstrate to the spammers that Islam is a religion of hate and violence. They also show they cannot get along with fellow Muslims by attacking the attention seekers, instead of just letting the moderators take care of the mess created. Thus they put forth a negative and immature presentation of Islam. True, they are just teens, but Sayyidina Ali, Usamah bin Zayd, Abdullah ibn Umar and others (Radiallahu Anhum) were also “teens”. Could you ever imagine them speaking as such? 🙂

What is my point to this seemingly endless rambling? When you talk or write on the internet, use your head over your heart. Just because somebody tries to provoke you, you don’t have show them they have been successful. 😉 What you say is reflected on who you are. It shows what type of Muslim you really are. It shows that you just post articles about sabr, but you never read the articles you’re posting.

I’m proud of those who made it this far. 😉


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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  1. Not known for my patience, and I made it all the way to the end. Quite some progress, don’t you think? 😛

  2. alzubra says:

    Woohoo. Thats an achievement, big sis. 😉 Seriously, come onn, we all know you’re very patient and can read through anything. Remember all the boring essays of ours you’ve proofread? 😉

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