Comment Policy (WTD?)

In light of recent events, I am seeing the need for an official comment policy. Which is really really idiotic, because this blog really does not get the kind of traffic to actually warrant something as official and beauratic as a comments “policy.” But here goes anyhow.

  1. Please do not be abusive to either the hosts of this blog (digital nomad and alzubra) or to our guests (commentors and non-commentors alike). Abusive comments will definitely get the boot.
  2. Please utilize a genuine email address. Its quite a big clue when you leave digitalniqabi or alzubra at gmail dot com as your email address. It makes me say, “what the dillio?!” Neither of us will be either a)publishing your email address; b)submitting your email address to any third party; or c)harrassing you by emailing you. Genuine commentors are able to stand behind their comments by providing genuine contact information.
  3. Nobody likes a troll and the unnecessary drama they bring with them. Please maintain a single identity, or at least let the world know that Amy now wishes to be known as Jane. I admit, it might make this blog seem super-popular when I have a bunch of comments from the same person but with different names, but this is just one blog out of millions. I won’t be winning any popularity contests anytime soon, and nor do I need to. 🙂
  4. Of course, please stay on topic, and don’t comment about other blogs here. Comments for other blogs should stay at those blogs. Discussions are most welcome, and are indeed wanted and valued. Being discourteous in your comments merely turns others off from participating. 😦
  5. Please feel free to leave a link to your place when commenting on a specific post. Don’t just leave a link that you know I will like and then dash off without even a hello, how do you do–I don’t do that to others, and feel a little gyped when its done to me. 😕 Again, it makes me go, “what the dillio?!”
  6. We are moderating comments until things return to normal.
  7. Policies subject to change without prior notification. Please consult your mind and heart for further common-sense details. Thank you! 🙂

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