Can’t you feel the love?!?

Writer’s Creek had an awesome post that demonstrated the brotherly love-hate that it seems only email can communicate with such perfect ease. It reminded me of this exchange I had with my brother way back when…it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. This kind of communication only occurs with this sibling–the others are normal, I swear!

From: “DigiN” <>
To: Send an Instant Message “Digi’s Bro” <>

DigiN’s Bro <> wrote:

oh it is a euphemism for “stupid people who read spam.”

DigiN <> wrote:

Hahahahahahaha…i won the UK lottery…let me die laughing now…hehehehehehehehe
uh, whats a fudiciary agent? That’s who I need to contact


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4 Responses to Can’t you feel the love?!?

  1. “oh it is a euphemism for “stupid people who read spam.”

    hahahhaha, that’s hilarious! Quirky bro! Keep up the great work of sibling-bonding. hehe

  2. Si1entear says:

    So would that be 1-0 to DigiN’s Bro? lol Keep it up!

  3. OUCH!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

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