Missed Me?

Wait, nobody even noticed I’ve been just a tad silent lately. I can handle it though. 😥

Anyways, breaking news: I have started college. With all due geekiness, I’m happy college has started. I’m a big kid now. 😉 At least I got something “useful” to waste my time on. I’m taking Human Development, Psychology (cuz I’m psycho… 😛 ) along with Fashion Sketching and Fashion Knits. I was going to take another Fashion class, but now I think I’ll drop it. Theres always a next semester, if I live through this one of course. 😉

If there are any other hijaabi / niqaabi girls, I’ve yet to see them, and that would take a while. Obviously, the girls I see all around me are dressing the least they can possibly dress. Now, for the strange part. Have you ever felt like you’re obviously a minority, and that made you feel more proud of your religion and yourself? I know, a lot of people shy away from wearing hijaab and niqaab because their parents fear their lack of safety among other reasons. But being amongst them, I realized how much us Muslimahs take for granted. Allah has blessed us to be modest, yet so many cannot and/or will not take advantage of that opportunity.

Anyways, I doubt I made any sense, so don’t knock yourself out trying to understand moi. I’m tired, and should be reading my textbook, yet I’m online. 😯 I just wanted you’ll to know I’m alive.


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