Missed Me?

Anybody?  Wait, you didn’t even noticed I’ve been just a tad silent lately!  I can handle it though. 😥

Anyways, breaking news: I have started college. With all due geekiness, I’m happy college has started. I’m a big kid now. 😉 At least I got something “useful” to waste my time on. I’m taking Human Development, Psychology (cuz I’m psycho…:p) along with Fashion Sketching and Fashion Knits. I was going to take another Fashion class, but now I think I’ll drop it.  There is only so many days a week I can wake up early people!  Besides, I always can enroll in it next semester, if I live through this semester of course. 😉

If there are any other hijaabi / niqaabi girls, I’ve yet to see them, and that would take a while. Obviously, the girls I see all around me are dressing the least they can possibly dress. Now, for the strange part. Have you ever felt like you’re obviously a minority, and that made you feel more proud of your religion and yourself? I know, a lot of people shy away from wearing hijaab and niqaab because their parents fear their lack of safety among other reasons. But being amongst them, I realized how much us Muslimahs take for granted. Allah has blessed us to be modest, yet so many cannot and/or will not take advantage of that opportunity.

Anyways, I doubt I made any sense, so don’t knock yourself out trying to understand moi.  I’m tired, and should be reading my textbook, yet I’m online. 😯  I just wanted you’ll to know I’m alive (even though you know that, because I did post a quick post recently). 😛


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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5 Responses to Missed Me?

  1. Just make sure you are silent no more, and all will be forgiven…right, people? (Oh, yeah, there is nobody reading. 😛 )

  2. Arab Lady says:

    lol i’m reading 🙂

    Frankly I do ask myself the same question….why don’t i give up on the marriage business…but we come 2 da point that u need a real man 2 support u…stand by ur side…a man who loves u and care about u…a man who is open-minded & cultured …blab blah who lightens ur life up……..the problem is where shall we find our match…how…..i don’t believe in the traditional marriage ….u live with ppl for years and u end up saying who are they and why have they changed…….!!!

    At any rate women suffer the most!!!!!!!!!

    Thx 4 visiting my blog…wondering why u have been coming by without even dropping a line *******curiosity that killed the cat 😉 ********

    Cheers !

  3. hahha. Funny one.

    “Have you ever felt like you’re obviously a minority, and that made you feel more proud of your religion and yourself? ”

    Oh just too many times and it feels great! 😀 Alhamdolilah,

  4. Not that we don’t have Muslims here but the fact that most of them are non-niqabis makes me a minority 😛

  5. alzubra says:

    DigiN: Go easy on me. 😦 After all, I’d be happy if I were you. Once I start talking, it can get pretty boring. 😛

    Arab Lady: I think Digi moved that to the right post, but I wanted to mention you made some good points. 🙂

    Writer’s Creek: MashaAllah that you’re a niqaabi. (You might have mentioned that before, but I’m known to be slow and clueless. 😉 ) But yeah, I agree, it does feel great alhamdulillah. 😀

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