Women Banned From Praying in the Mataaf

…and that matters why?

“The area is very small and so crowded. So we decided to get women out of the sahn [Kaaba area] to a better place where they can see the Kaaba and have more space,” said Osama Al Bar, head of the Institute for Haj Research.

Apparently the Saudi’s aren’t making such a bad move for once. (Okay, okay, I do tend to agree with their ideas when it comes to making changes in the Haram’ain, because they are logical and I don’t have biases regarding them.) Anyways, women are complaining (yet again) that their small prayer area will be pushed further back in the Haram to a more spacious area in the Masjid al Haram in Makkah.

Of course, now you’re wondering, whats the problem with that? Well, the media is at it again. They are portraying a negative view on it, making it seem like women are being second class, when in fact they are not. Things are simply trying to made more convenient and accessible, yet people are upset. Does that even make sense?!

Just remember, when you read a article, read between the lines. They’ll give the story, and can easily paint something which is positive as negative. Don’t believe the hype. 🙂


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