I Smell Tar…

All I smell is tar today, all I wipe away is dust, and all I hear is a tractor. Argh! 😯

Outside our backyard is the elementary school. On the good side for the school and lovely lil kids, they have decided expand the school and put new buildings, another play area, and tar. On the bad side, putting the tar stinks, dust and sand are flying into our house because of the construction, and they are noisy. Yes, you got that, more noisier than kids when the kids are on recess break. P

School opens next week I guess, so the kids should be happy to return to a bigger (and more funner) school. P


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5 Responses to I Smell Tar…

  1. Wallahi, its driving me nuts: between the dust and stinky tar, I am being suffocated. They owe us reparations! 🙄

  2. alzubra says:

    At least the kids will be excited. 😛

    LOL, I don’t care about reparations, as long as the construction is overrrr.

  3. aww poor you two. I HATE contructions and my dad IS in the contruction business, lol.

  4. Arab Lady says:

    Aha honey be paitent for the kids’ sake 😛

  5. alzubra says:

    Writers Creek: Thats sad irony. I feel your pain! 😦

    Arab Lady: Hehe, I’m trying, I’m trying. Patience is soo hard. But I think my complaining is over, because after a long summer they’re done finally. Goody for the kids. 🙂

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