Hijaabi vs. Non Hijaabi

Naturally, and not so rightfully so, when we see a non hijaabi or a hijaabi wearing tight clothes, our first instinct is to condemn her. Similarly when we see a properly covered hijaabi, we are proud of her, and that is all well and good. Not all non hijaabis are evil, and not all hijaabi’s are pure.

While I understand that we are not Allah, therefore we do not know what is the hearts of men (and women) so we should judge by what is apparent, we should also not consume ourselves in dwelling over an issue without knowing fully the background of the person. We are constantly complaining that our sisters do not wear hijaab appropriately, however how many of us look deeper and find out the root of the problem? It could be that the parents could be at fault for what the girl is doing. They didn’t do their job in raising her, they didn’t explain to what the hijaab is and why she has to wear it and how to wear it, etc. Or they are forbidding her from wearing it, and she can only wear clothes that her parent find acceptable and “safe” for the society they live in. Or maybe their parents were overly strict and told them they had to wear hijaab, but did not explain the reasoning behind it, so they could not truly love it. They may also need a nudge from their sisters, rather then being shunned for their current dressing.

I also understand there are sisters who’re just wearing it for the sake of fashion, cuz the scarf is a “cool” and fashionable thing. After all it can be colorful and similar to how non Muslims wear a hat. 🙄

Its easy to judge, but it should be just as easy to dig around and find out why a person does what they do. I’m not saying I’m in support of all non hijaabis. However, there are those sisters in need of help, and rather then being shoved aside, they should be supported.


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