What is knowledge?

Someone from Qisas.com was observant enough to know I used to constantly visit their site and pick up stories to share. So, they left me a link to a new section of their site, which deals with my favorite thing in the literary world: quotes! I think most of their quotes come from the rich Islamic heritage we have, which is awesome, mashallah! When I come across stuff that resonates with me, I will share it, and tell you why I love it so much.

Knowledge is not what is memorised; knowledge is what benefits. [Imam Shafi]

This quote is very heartening for me–I have a terribly difficult time memorizing things, whether religious or secular. I have to be able to understand something, how it works, what it does, etc. in order to be able to remember it. And I can only understand information that I can actually use–theoretical physics, folks, is definitely out! 😕 And my parents always tell me that learning Arabic does not mean you will understand the Qur’an, in all its nuances; only a scholar of the Qur’an can truly come close to understaning the Holy Book…but, when I know the meanings of just some of the words, it certainly does become easier to remember duaas and such. So imagine the benefit of knowing more of the language! (Well, for me anyway, inshallah.)


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  1. alzubra says:

    Thats a wonderful saying mashaAllah. There is a beautiful quote onknowledge by Mu’adh bin Jabal (Radiallahu Anhu), I’ll find it inshaAllah and post it laters. 🙂

    I also agree with what you’ve said about Arabic and Quran. Of course we can never know it like the ulama will, and our ulama will never know it like how the Sahaba did. However, we should attempt to learn it, so that it becomes relevant and easier to learn and we may attain more sincerity when reading it. 🙂

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