Past, future, or present?

The World is three days:
As for yesterday, it has vanished,
along with all that was in it.
As for tomorrow, you may never see it.
As for today, it is yours, so work in it.

[Hassan al-Basri]

So often, I am tempted (and yeild to this temptation) to lament the past. But what does dwelling on the past do? It causes anger, depression, a sense of helplessness. But simply exerting myself in the act of living and working for today, I can do so much to change the effects of the past. I can ask for Allah’s guidance and protection to have a better today, rather than asking Allah “why did He let xyz happen in the past.” Forget the past, for it has certainly forgotten me! Besides, working for today ensures a potentially better tomorrow, if we get to see it.

Narrated Dirar ibn Murrah: Iblis said: “If I am successful in persuading man to do three things, then that will be all I need: to make forget his sins, to regard his good deeds as too many, and to be proud of his opinion.”

I don’t think anything can help us remember our sins better than the thought of death. When I think of death, I think of everything I will have to answer for, and can only hope for Allah’s mercy. Oh, and there is a definite fine line between having an opinion, and being proud of it. 😕 If its something not based in Islam, what is there to be proud of…besides, an opinion can change in the flicker of an eyelash…but this is so easy to forget!  May Allah increase my humility! Ameen! When will I ever have enough good deeds?


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4 Responses to Past, future, or present?

  1. alzubra says:

    The first quote is true and I really like it, while the second one…sadly I think Iblis has been successful. May Allah guide us to that which is eternal success. Ameen.

  2. sis, jazakallah so much for the thought-provoking post. I really needed that. There’s a hadith that you could add to to your post, insha’Allah I’ll get the exact words and let you know. Its one of THE best comforters in this world.

  3. SalaamuAlaikum sis! I will look forward to that Hadith. 🙂

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