Coke for Kabul

Sounds good…except that according to this article, Coca-Cola will be setting up a bottling plant in Kabul. This in a country that is still suffering a drought, and desperately needs water for basic purposes. Considering the amount of water Coca-Cola uses in the production (about 3 liters of water for 1 liter of Coke), this simply sounds irresponsible. Such issues are being faced in India as well, so the idea depriving the population of much-needed water for basic needs (farming, drinking) is not a new one. Corporations continue their march over the needs of the masses.


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One Response to Coke for Kabul

  1. alzubra says:

    Like the Afghan people aren’t facing enough problems. Now they have to drink Coke and get health problems. 🙄 Arghh…

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