Difficulty and hope…

If you fail in your exams, there is always a next year. If you lose your spouse, there can be a second marriage, but if you die, there is no second chance. This life is only one opportunity. [Unattributed]

This one comes in handy for when I meet with my professor. She always has questions I never have the answers to; I guess I can say, if there are questions you are clueless about today, there is always tomorrow for more questions. But, life itself is just a one shot deal–how we live it determines our everlasting destiny. May it be a good destiny.

“Whosoever does not endure a difficult beginning, does not have a bright ending” (man lam takun lahu bidayat muhriqa, lam takun lahu nihaya mushriqa). [Ibn Ata’illah ]
I need to remember this for all those insurmountable difficulties littering my path.


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  1. ala says:

    This is an awesome post, barakAllahu feeki! Gem after gem… walhamdulillah.

  2. Welcome to our blog! I am glad you liked it. The words of our scholars are truly wise, “gem after gem,” as you put it! Hope to see more of you, sister. 🙂

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