There he goes again…

This new Pope is pretty honest about his feelings for Islam:

During a six-day visit to his native Germany this week, the pope hit out at Islam and its concept of jihad or holy war, citing a 14th-century Christian emperor who said that Prophet Muhammad had brought the world “evil and inhuman” things.

I understand why everyone wants him to have a change of heart, retract his statements, etc., but I say: let the guy speak his mind. By all means, cut off diplomatic ties with the Vatican (what have they ever done for/with Muslims, anyway?). But, let the world that the Crusader mentality is alive and well, Pope. Its the 21st century, and if Pope John Paul II had no impact within the Church in creating a bridge between Christianity and Islam, then we all have the right to know who the backward bigots are. There is no use in pretending to believe something he doesn’t; its bound to come out sooner or later, somehow. And besides, as the last great religion, if someone really believed in the truth of Islam, would they not just adopt it as their faith, rather than giving lip service to its greatness?


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