Slack off, please!

All right, so its the fourth or fifth week of school or so, and I am taking this Independent Study class. You know how those work, right? You do your research, submit a paper and/or project at the end of the semester; there are no exams to worry about and what-not. Well, this is the perfect kind of class in which I can exercise my very lazy streak and just put off everything till the last week of the term, and things will work out just fine (don’t try this!). But, I decided, no, I am going to be firm with myself, stay ON TOP of things and let my professor know that I AM actually doing work. In that vein, I have been meeting with her every week, for about 15-20 minutes; she gives me great feedback, points me in the right direction, etc. People walk in and out of her office while I am there, and interrupt, and tell her amusing and/or frightening stories, and all in all, its fun for me 😆

So, this week, I had to wait for her to be done with another student, which was fine; I got to get my stuff straightened out while waiting. When the guy is done, she welcomes me in, goes to get her Coke from the office fridge, comes back, and we catch up on the readings I did for the week. Then, she tells me, “You know, DigiN, you don’t have to come in every week; if things are going good, and you think you don’t need to come in, I know you are working on the project, and you can come in just when you need to.” I guess I am bothering her by showing way too much enthusiasm and dedication to my research! Maybe she is giving me the green light to slack off?! Wooohooooooooo!!! 😆


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  1. maliki says:

    hi its me again MALIKI. after reading some of your post I thought i should may be again some advice from you “digitalnomad”. This is for a friend of mine. she is a muslim but doesn’t practice accordingly. she has background knowelege on some aspects of the deen, but needs further more. I was perhaps thinking of books or audio tapes cater for sisters like her but couldn’t come up with any. plz help. thankyou!!!

  2. hahahha, aww. You know we call such people (people who work hard, are always proper, show excessive amounts of prudish behaviour) TT. It’s a weird word and its not even an abbreviation, as one would have thought. Its just the sound of it that gives the vibes. Hehe, just wanted to share the word 😛

  3. Oh thanks a lot, Writer’s Creek; now I am a TT?! Jeez!!! 😆 OK, I am gonna work hard to relieve myself of my TT title…but since I will still be working hard at something else, I will still be a TT!!! Whatever will I do? 😕

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