A Lesson in Giving

So this is a month in which we fast. Not merely to go hungry, as a ritual, to see what hunger feels like. Many of us are, or have been, students, and in the throes of our academic pursuits, in the panic of getting projects and papers done, have willingly gone both hungry and sleepless. So, withstanding the pangs of hunger are more than likely nothing new to us. The fast of Ramadaan, however, is a means by which we hunger for a greater cause: to learn self-restraint; to discipline ourselves to prolong our desires and wants for a half day, really not a very long time to go without; to submit for the will of our Creator and hopefully earn some reward more meaningful and long-lasting than submitting a working project on time. But, what if we did not have the assurance of a full spread at the dinner table, to look forward to at the end of the fast? How would that feel? In today’s time, it is so common to pull open the refrigerator door, behold its bounties, and proclaim, “There isn’t anything to eat!”
How ready are we to share of the bounties Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has blessed us with? There are so many reasons we have for not helping each other: the expectations are more than what we can handle; there is no gratitude; everything has a value, and to give certain types of things will actually result in insult…etc ad nauseum!

Consider the ashaab al kareem, who routinely did not have the abundant riches that we do today; yet, they sacrificed the comfort of their own families, even when they had little, to see to the needs of their fellow companions with even less. 😥 😥 😥

A Sahabi came to the Prophet and complained of hunger and distress. Just then, the Prophet had nothing in hand, or in his home to feed him. He asked the Sahabah:

“Would anybody entertain him as a guest tonight on my behalf?…”

One of the Ansaar said: “0, Prophet of Allah, I will do that.”

The Ansari took the person to his house and instructed his wife:

“Look here, this man is a guest of the Prophet. We will entertain him as best as we can, and won’t spare anything in doing so.”

The wife replied:

“By Allah! I have got no food in the house, except a very little—something just enough for the children.”

The Ansari said:

“You lull the children to sleep without feeding them, while I sit with the guest over the meager meal. When we start eating, put out the lamp pretending to set it right, so that the guest may not become aware of my not sharing the meal with him.”

The scheme worked out nicely, and the whole family, including the children, stayed hungry to enable the guest to eat to his fill. This incident was so profound, so meaningful, that it was to be a lesson for the ages, as it resulted in the following verse being revealed:

“They prefer others above themselves, even though poverty become their lot.”[Qur’an 59:9]

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4 Responses to A Lesson in Giving

  1. ala says:

    Assalaamu’alaykum Warahmatulahee Wabarakatuhu!

    Jazakillahu khairan for sharing the story of the ansari man – it is truly one of my favorites : ) … may Allah subhanaHu wata3ala accept this Ramadhan for us – and have it count for us and not against us… Ameen!


  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh!
    Yes, this story does put things into perspective, re: appreciating what we have and giving of what we have. Ameen to your duaa; inshallah, you are having a blessed Ramadaan! 🙂

  3. Bateeka says:

    Aslamu aliakum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatoo,
    Also one of my favorite stories!! 🙂 Jazakum Allah koli khair,

    InshaAllah, you are having a wonderful Ramadan..
    wa alykum wa salam,

    p.s. ur blog is sooooo pwettty!!

  4. Wa Alaikumussalaam wa Rahmatullahu wa Barakatuhu!
    wa iyyaki! And welcome to our blog, look forward to seeing more of you! 🙂

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