Have you ever had a startlingly profound connection with someone you just met? That instant bonding, which makes you feel as if that person is your soul-mate or best friend? Ever wonder how such bonding can occur, often times before you even speak to the person? Honestly, there are times when I instantly, on sight, either really intensely like a person, or dislike a person; and after that point, even if that person can do things to me that are unbearable, I can still have a soft spot for him or her. It sounds ridiculous, but I was reminded of the concept of soulmates when I came across the following:

Four thousand years before God created these bodies, He created the souls and kept them beside Himself and shed a light upon them. He knew what quantity of light each soul received and He was showing favour to each in proportion to its illumination. The souls remained all that time in the light until they became fully nourished. Those who in this world live in joy and agreement with one another must have been akin to one another in yonder place. Here they love one another and are called the friends of God, and they are brethren who love one another for God’s sake. These souls know each other by the smell, like horses. Though one be in the East and the other in the West, yet they feel joy and comfort in each other’s talk, and one who lives in a later generation than the other is instructed and consoled by the words of his friend. [Shaykh Abu Sa’id Ibn Abi’l-Khayr]

I recall something from Imam Ghazaali that discusses the same concept, and this quote reminded me of it. So maybe, having been “soulmates” when Allah created the Universe accounts for those instant connections (or lack thereof!).


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4 Responses to Soulmates?

  1. Oh you’ve touched on an excellent topic! I’ve thought of this too before, thinking if the whole concept of soul-mates has any significance, islamically speaking.

    Personally, I dont know if I’ve felt that way. Because, I’ve felt that way -That instant bonding, which makes you feel as if that person is your soul-mate or best friend-with so many people, its embarassing, lol.

    Wait. ill actually get my cousin to comment here. She has LOADS to say, I’m sure.

  2. Writer’s Creek, I am not surprised that you would feel that way so often–I think your soul must have been very busy flitting around, finding new souls to be happy with! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what your cousin has to say about this concept! 🙂

  3. Bateeka says:

    Aslamu aliakum- i read this when you first posted it and i came back today (hope y’all don’t mind) to quote it 😀 *Ahem, i also realized i forgot to comment* I have felt this “startlingly profound connection with someone you just met? That instant bonding.” I don’t know how, but we just met and instantly we became best friends in uni. And somehow the question of “how come from from the beginning it has felt like we’ve known each other for ages” came up the other day, so i’m giong to qutoe this! *All excited with an answer*

    Jazakum Allah koli khair 😀

  4. Wa Alaykum Salam Bateeka! No, why would we mind?! 🙂 I am happy this made sense to somebody else out there too! That reminds, I wanted to post something I read from Imam Ghazali on the same topic…but I have to find it again 😦

    And I am so happy for your new friendship–may Allah always keep it good for you and her, ameen!

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