“No one reaches forty years in Islam except that Allah protects him from madness, leprosy and leucoderma.

When he is fifty, Allah makes easy his reckoning.

When he reaches sixty, Allah grants him repentance.

And when he reaches seventy, Allah loves him and the inhabitants of the heavens love him.

And when he reaches eighty, Allah accepts his good deeds and overlooks his sins.

When he reaches ninety, Allah forgives his past and future sins, he is named ‘the prisoner of Allah on earth’ and is granted intercession (for forgiveness) for his family.”
~Hasan, Ibn `Asakir. Ahmad Shakir said in his notes to Al-Musnad (8/23,25): “Its chain is at least Hasan. It is supported with other chains which raise it to the level of Saheeh.”

SubhanAllah, that is sooo beautiful! People don’t like getting older. They complain about wrinkles, their looks, and that stuff. But imagine, all that Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) counts, and He is sooo merciful on the elderly.


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