A Night To Remember

Ramadan 23rd fell on Sunday night. That was the night the Khatam al Quran (Completion of the Quran) took place. Having the honor of both imaams being from our family, we also take it upon ourselves to give out mitai (Indian sweets). My oldest brother makes the burfi, my sister and I mold the gulaab jaamun, ladoo, and almond cookies, and my other brother wraps the almond cookies, while my mother runs back and forth between us all making sure everything is going according to plan, which for the most part it is, but then you get those wonderful odd moments when everything turns hectic. 🙂

All together, we packed the sweets into lil clear boxes. All together, we packed it into the car. All together, we handed it out to each person that came for Taraweeh. Well not quite all together on the handing out part, the girls in the girls area, the mens in the mens area. Details, details! As usual, the same people made the same comments as every year: “Did you make it? We should come over to learn!” I wonder if they really realize that it does quite a bit of effort to get everything coordinated right. A new question was thrown out, which was quite unique: “Do you’ll eat while doing it?” Eating? In Ramadan? 😕 (I understand, obviously some girls do have that good fortune to be able to eat, but the questioner knew we had no such luck.)

It was the last Taraweeh that these two imaams would lead in this masjid. One will retire to let the young ‘uns take over, while the other will move onto another masjid elsewhere. It is the end of an era, but more cheerfully put, the beginning of another era. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) grant him prosperity and success wherever he is. Ameen.

With that, our days of handing out sweets are over. I don’t know whether I’m happy or not. The coming years seem like they will be trying on me, with school and all that. I’ll miss the drama and unity such events brought us, but its time to move on, make new memories and still look back at the good memories we had together.


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