Ramadan Wrap-up

This past Ramadan was interesting, to say the least. Too much happened, some of which I can’t say really pleased me. But thats this world, not entirely pleasing, and truly Allah knows best what will please us in the end ultimately.

It started of really crazy, with the moonfighting as usual. Now that Ramadan has almost finished, UAE comes out and states that Saudi Arabia was most likely incorrect. It amazes me, how many people will argue with us and try to pressure us to follow Saudi Arabia, only later to be told Saudi Arabia was in the wrong. Where did they come up with following Makkah is part of the Shar’iah? Its truly saddening that Saudi Arabia will deliberately do such a thing, and make it such that millions of people start and end Ramadan on the wrong day. Do they have any fear of the Maalikal Mulk?

I went through moments of depression due to betrayal, which is really not fun when you’re fasting! The craziest thing about me I realized is that, even though the person betrayed me, I still have love for them. Yeah…weird how the heart works.

It pretty much ended sadly, knowing that the so special to me won’t be spending Eid with us. I pray that his Eid is a happy one though, ameen! He truly deserves nothing but the best, after having quite a lousy Ramadan himself.

All in all, Ramadan went too fast, more because at times my mind wasn’t really focused sadly. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) accept our fasts and qiyaam, forgive our shortcomings, and make us amongst those who are freed from Jahannam. Ameeeen.


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