How much of the “natural” look do models really have?  Apparently not as much as some think.  Yet sadly some girls compare themselves to models and they think they’re not pretty enough, when in fact they’re ten times prettier!


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8 Responses to Evolution!

  1. Muslim Wife says:

    I LOVE the Dove commercials! Remember way back when, when they launched off the whole “against idealistic beauty” by showing all these models who weren’t blond? I was like, whoah, nice. Then they took it a step forward and showed, lets call them “full figured gals”. In todays society, it takes a lot of guts to do what they’re doing. I totally give them props for that. And because I really like their conditioner : )

  2. oh wow.. what a big difference!!

  3. Photoshop me! No, don’t. That was actually quite inspiring, gives me hope. Maybe I can put my makeup in the garbage? :blink: (And lol is their conditioner really that good, Muslim Wife?)

  4. Dino$ says:

    that was one of the coolest videos i have ever seeen! sub7annallah !!
    wow lol! the wonders of makeup and photoshop!!! very comforting….

  5. Bateeka says:

    SubhanAllah- the video speaks for itself!!

    The worst part is that girls are trying to copy these models and don’t realize that this is actually an “impossible standard.” You don’t see these women walking outdoors in real life..because they are not real! Go DOVE! 😀 🙂

  6. Nash says:

    Nice blog, my first visit here.

    Its true, makeups can do wonders, and be quite deceiving as well.

  7. MujahiD says:

    evolutionnnnn loooool this videos is too funny i didnot know women do so much hard work they also lift there neck loool i hope my wife is totaly evolved i wud try to make my sisters neck longer lets see if it works lool that part was most funny her neck lool
    i feel sad for this girl now her all secrets revealed
    may allah evolve our muslim sisters originally ameen

  8. Areeb says:

    Hey nice !
    Possibly a hope for some girls, and i am feeling bad for this girl whose secret is no more a secret 🙂
    B.t.w this was my first visit to your Blog.

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